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Project Integrating Actions in the Mantiqueira

The objective of the Project  Integrating Actions in the Mantiqueira is to create and integrate community development initiatives in the region and to enhance results by carrying out activities such as environmental education, reforestation of native species, and communication.  The initiative directly involves the communities of Visconde de Mauá, Serrinha, Colina, Matutu and Campo Redondo and was inspired by the environmental educators training project –    Junior Environmental Patrol  of Serrinha – created in 2000-2001.  The NGO, Crescente Fertil, with the support of Fundação Luterana de Diaconia (Lutheran  Deaconi Foundation) , is in charge of the project.

The Mantiqueira Mountain Range is an Environmentally Protected Area (APA) designed to combine protection of the region’s natural resources with social development and preservation of local culture.  Located between the three largest cities in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte), the APA covers almost all of the Itatiaia National Park, which was the first national park created in Brazil in 1937. 

Students between the ages of 12-16, living in one of the beneficiary communities - Visconde de Mauá and Serrinha, in Resende, RJ; Colina and Campo Redondo in Itamonte, MG; and Matutu, in Aiuruoca, MG – participate in the projects.  The communities were selected based upon the existence of initiatives already in progress that have objectives and results related to the Mantiqueira Project,   - a global proposal for the ecological development of the region.  The Local projects  have in common environmental education, the involvement of students, and the usage of community or school spaces,  as the starting points  for constructing new values and attitudes about the environment.

Each community has a partner institution that coordinates all local activities.  The network is composed of Projeto Centelha-Campo Redondo, Centro Comunitário Rural da Colina, Associação de Educadores da Serrinha, Escola Estadual Visconde de Mauá and the Fundação Matutu.  To actively participate in the project, simply choose a community where you want to plant a tree, together with the help of the youngsters involved in the project.  With one click of the mouse, a tree will be planted exactly in the location the collaborator preffers your preferred location.



Edição Nº 00 - Novembro de 2001

Edição Nº 01 - Janeiro a Março de 2002

Jovens da Serrinha agradecem patrocinadores do projeto

Projeto Integrando replanta palmito

Edição Nº 04 - Agosto a Setembro de 2002

Veja o clip de apresentação do projeto

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